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Be Yourself - Everyone else is taken

As I have said before, I always wanted to paint. I felt comfortable with drawing, but painting just seemed so mysterious and unreachable. But of course, the only way to learn is to do, so I began. At first, most of my frustration came from my inability to be "abstract" or "impressionistic". I felt like my tendency to be literal was a weakness... that I should be looser, wilder, different. I really love the art I see that is conceptual, abstract, and impressionistic. But I also love medieval art, and renaissance art, and I absolutely love portrait art. I don't feel that any genre is superior to any other genre. I am beginning to realize that I simply am who I am, and the art I am making is where I am at this point. I am very interested in seeing where it takes me and its evolution, but I no longer want to be someone else or to rush the process. I'm enjoying the journey.

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